Doghaves is more than just must-haves products for dogs. We believe that the products you use for your pet are an essential foundation for their lives, providing the basis for better behavior and better health. 

At Doghaves, our focus is on developing high quality products and solutions for the dog industry. Daniel Scholten, an animal behaviorist, founded the company several years ago with the mission to provide the pet industry with innovative superior products that help alleviate the stress associated with pet parenting. 

The company is committed to finding clever and creative solutions to dog owner’s most common challenges – sleeping, feeding, bathing, grooming, and walking. The greatest joy is solving a pet owner’s problem with a product that applies smart and cutting-edge design with the best comfort.

Committed to Quality and Service

Daniel and his team are passionate about providing dog owners with specialized products that solve the challenges of the modern pet owner. Doghaves understands the deep relationship between pets and their parents, so we have made it our mission to enhance that dog-parent experience.

Our company has a unique emphasis: every product must deliver premium quality and exceed the aesthetic demands of modern families.